Thank You

A big thank you from Friends of Pittville to the following who made donations towards the new play area ….
Faith Anderson, Chris & Jill Archibald, Andy Barrell, Rob Bell, Mr and Mrs Berg, Arthur Bradford, Sari Briner, Joe Brown, Michael & Kay Canning, Fiona Clarke, Tom Clarke, Miss Carole Clifford, Mr and Mrs J Coleman, Hilary Coke, Clair Cook, Mr RA Compton, Christiane Dickens, Mrs E L Dickenson, Manisha Dove, Sarah Duffin, Wendy Ellis, Helen Fielding, Jeanette Fruin, Luke Gallagher, Mel, Rob & Euan Gladwin, A Gray, B & K Gregory, Mrs Herbert (Cheltenham in Bloom), Karl Hobley , Lynda Hockin, Ben Hunt Electrical, Amelia Hodsdon, Siobhan Hudson, Tilly James, Pat Joice, Emma Jones, Peter & Gloria Jones, Beth Kellie, Jessica Lacy (in memory of Adam Robinson), Klam Lawrance, Hannah Lloyd, CP Lowe, Liberal Democrat Councillors, Tony Mason, Paul and Helen McLoskey, Brian Morris (INDEi), Lisa Mullard, John Nortcliffe, Northwood Estate Agents, Dominic O’Grady, Laura O’Keefe, Mrs Orr, Pam & Bill Parker, Sarla Parsons, Janice Peacey, Vikki Pearce, Mary Peplow, David & Jackie Richards, Ann Roberts, Sue Rowbotham, Mr & Mrs D Russell, Lesley Rye, Rachel Samuel, Helen Sayer, Graham Scott, The Shambrook Family, Anna Simpkin, Rob Sissons, Specsavers Opticians, Ronald Stevens, Timothy Stinchcombe, M & D Tait, S A Taylor, K&L Thomas, Ubico, Sue Walker, Rod Wardle, Sarah Waring, Kirsty Watson, Richard Watson, Oliver Williams, Suzanne Williams, The Youngs (Ravenhurst B&B) …
… and to the many others who have chosen to remain anonymous.