1. The FoP Secretary

We are looking for a new Secretary to join the team of trustees, the Secretary’s role involves the administration of the Board and it’s activities. Working closely with the Chair, the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary to ensure opportunities are not missed and harmony is maintained. We are all volunteers and have other interests and responsibilities

Job Brief

Self starter with good admin skills who enjoys working with people. It should take 8-10 hours a month but at peak times could be a little more. This role will be a member of the board of trustees.

Main Responsibilities

Secretary of a charity together with all the other charity trustees are responsible for the efficient administration of a charity, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Preparing venues and agendas for our Trustees’ committee meetings and the AGM (but not the Minute taking)
  • Organising the monthly Members drop-ins
  • Working closely with the Chairman and Membership Secretary to maintain the membership data.
  • Maintaining the stock of marketing material
  • Sending out messages and news updates to members using Mailchimp, for which a little technical skill is required (training would be provided if necessary)


2. The FoP Web Guru’s responsibilities include:

  • Publishing new content in a creative way
  • Liaising with FoP members to decide on new posts
  • Overseeing layout (images, graphics, videos and artwork)

Job brief

We are looking for a passionate web guru to guide, plan, help write and edit web content. Our Guru should be a skilled writer and researcher, with an eye for detail and an understanding of the special requirements of web writing. It should take 8-10 hours a month but at peak times could be a little more.

The goal is to produce creative web content to appeal to our wide audience.


  • Check content for accuracy
  • Proofread and edit material
  • Ensure content is up-to-date
  • Monitor website’s traffic to ensure popularity
  • Experience with WordPress or a willingness to be trained on it is essential
  • Other publishing tools experience would be useful
  • FoP has technical support available