This is not a figment of a tabloid journalist’s overactive imagination. It is a serious possibility that Friends of Pittville will soon be unable to continue. We have more members than we have had for many years, we have a very healthy bank balance; on 23 October, however,  we will have no Chair, no Secretary and will be up to five trustees short. The Chair and the Secretary are statutory positions and without them we will not be able to function.

We are reducing the scope of our activities so that the roles of officers and trustees will not be onerous. The Chair must simply be a competent manager and the Secretary a good organiser/administrator. If you or someone you know has either of these types of skills, a few hours per month to spare and you wish to see Friends of Pittville continue, please call the Chair, Sally Thomas, on 07712 578601 (or email chairman@friendsofpittville.org.uk),  or the Secretary, Sandy Marshall, on 07812 050687 (or email secretary@friendsofpittville.org.uk).