The Cheltenham Trust has recently appointed a new CEO, Laurie Bell. The Trust is hosting a reception this evening, 17 July, in Pittville Pump Room, to introduce her to the business community. Our Pump Room Action Group has been invited and the Chair, Hilary Simpson, has a ten minute slot to speak about our work. She will mention, of course, our 2018 report on The Visitor Experience at Pittville Pump Room and our You Tube video, which outlines our vision for the Pump Room.

And, no, contrary to the article in Cotswold Life this month, the baseball bat was NOT placed there by the American forces during WWW2. The three statues were removed in 1938-39 as they were beyond repair and new ones installed in 1960s, one with a staff which looked like a bat.  That in turn deteriorated and was removed; someone believed the myth and a new bat was put there in 2018!