The photo shows what resulted from some work carried out at Pittville Gates by Severn Trent. Paving slabs and granite setts, paid for by money raised by Friends of  Pittville, were removed and replaced by tarmac infill at the end of the work. This  severely compromises the architect designed paving pattern and is unacceptable. Following lobbying of Gloucestershire Highways, helped by Cllr John Payne, and of Severn Trent by local resident, Gareth Swain, the latest news is that Seven Trent will reinstate the original design and have sourced the necessary materials.

We have now heard that it is planned to carry out the work on 13 November.

The work was carried out but unfortunately not to the standard expected.

The setts are a different design and not securely laid. Two setts have been laid below the hydrant cover rather than a paving slab being cut to fit round the cover. The Gloucestershire Highways inspector agreed the work is substandard and has ‘issued a defect’ to Severn Trent. We await further developments.