Pittville Pump Room Steps Project Update

Because of a delay in acquiring the Forest stone for the steps the project is now expected to begin on 25 September

The September Newsletter is available

FoP Newsletter September2023

The reinstatement of the historic set of steps in front of the Pump Room will begin on 18 September.

After some rather frustrating delays (necessary local authority processes mostly) we now have a start date for the Steps Project . After the tendering process a contractor with an affordable quote was selected and the contract (after much due process checking details) was signed and sealed on 20 June. The contractor is Snape Contracting, a Gloucester firm. Inevitably the cost has gone up (to £54,390) but it is still affordable. The majority of the money will come from a grant of £40K from Enovert Community Trust with £3K from the CBC Jubilee Fund. The remainder will come from FoP funds, mainly those raised by running the car parking during Race Week.

Work on site is planned to begin on 18 September and the project should be completed by November, and we will hold an opening ceremony after that.

The flight of steps, between the two remaining plinths, is the only historic structure on the original 1826 plan that was demolished (in around 1900) so it is very satisfying that we now have the go ahead to restore it.


An urgent message from FoP Trustees


This is not a figment of a tabloid journalist’s overactive imagination. It is a serious possibility that Friends of Pittville will soon be unable to continue. We have more members than we have had for many years, we have a very healthy bank balance; on 23 October, however,  we will have no Chair, no Secretary and will be up to five trustees short. The Chair and the Secretary are statutory positions and without them we will not be able to function.

We are reducing the scope of our activities so that the roles of officers and trustees will not be onerous. The Chair must simply be a competent manager and the Secretary a good organiser/administrator. If you or someone you know has either of these types of skills, a few hours per month to spare and you wish to see Friends of Pittville continue, please call the Chair, Sally Thomas, on 07712 578601 (or email chairman@friendsofpittville.org.uk),  or the Secretary, Sandy Marshall, on 07812 050687 (or email secretary@friendsofpittville.org.uk).


June Newsletter just published

Our latest newsletter is available here FOP Newsletter June 2023

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